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Lighting Level Calculator

Makes Lighting Level Calculation a Child's Play

Majority of lighting calculations do not require complex time-consuming software. Most of the time, what you need is a fast, accurate and easy to use tool that will help you do your job quickly. Lighting Calculator is the right tool for the job. Download.

Lighting Level Calculator - Calculation Software


Automates lighting calculation using Room Cavity Ratio technique. Once entered, parameters can be reused in future calculations. Built-in lumens data for popular lamps.


Enter values using mouse or keyboard in any sequence you like. Calculate Number of Fixtures for a given Lighting Level, or vice versa. Print compact results summary.

Easy to use

Does not require manual. All terms and definitions are explained on the screen. Values are dynamicaly updated as you change any of the variables.



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Users Write

"I used to make myself coffee before doing these calculations."

"I've used this calculator for voltage drop on and off for about a year now...I highly recommend it"

"Now I've got time to focus on things that matter. "