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Underground Conductors Ampacity

You may find the allowable ampacity for underground conductor configurations by taking the time to look up the tables and diagrams of the Canadian Electrical Code. Using this underground conductor ampacity calculator you will be done in a minute. It will save you hours in a year, and most importantly it will reduce the chance of making an error. Download.

Underground Conductor Ampacity Calculator (Screenshot) / FKA Underground Cable Ampacity Calculator


Determine required feeder gauge for given configuration very fast. Quickly apply required correction factors. Paste the selected feeder configuration diagram to any application.


Select feeder parameters in any sequence you like. Has built in wire cross-section data and minimum duct size information.

Easy to use

Does not require manual. Just select options and values.



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Users Write

"I've used this calculator for voltage drop on and off for about a year now...I highly recommend it"

"Now I've got time to focus on things that matter. "

"I can't imagine ever going back to doing it manually. It used to take mental effort just getting around to it."