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Software Upgrades

Registered/licensed users of our software, may obtain free upgrades to the current versions (via internet only) when and if these are developed. To obtain these upgrades, follow these easy steps:

  1. Please make sure you have your license name and number before proceeding or find and backup the MC_Soft.lic file that stores license code.
  2. Uninstall the old software (else just delete it or move the old *.exe file to a temporary folder.)
  3. Download and install the current demo versions.
  4. Re-enter your license name and number if necessary. Some OS versions may try to preserve your registration information displaying message "A file being copied is not newer (or newer) than the file currently on your system. File name: MC_Soft.lic Do you want to keep this file?" Answer "Yes" if you previously registered any of the applications.
  5. Some OS versions may issue error messages during installation – choose “Ignore”.
  6. Accepting the default installation directory will place all calculator files in the same folder and make future upgrades easier.


Customer Reviews

"Electrical Calculator is a simple, useful and effective application worth having when you need to quickly calculate and estimate available short circuits. Specially intended for electrical engineers and contractors, Electrical Calculator enables you to perform various calculations and determine the values on both sides of the transformer. The application comes with a user-friendly interface and enables you to change the primary voltage and current as you prefer, then quickly view all the generated results." – Softpedia Review

"Underground Cable Ampacity is a handy application designed to enable you to find the allowable ampacity for underground cable configurations by looking at the tables and diagrams of the Canadian Electrical Code. Using this underground cable ampacity calculator you will be done in a minute. It will save you hours in a year, and most importantly it will reduce the chance of making an error." – Softpedia Review

"Electrical Calculator proves to be a useful and reliable application whose main purpose is to provide electrical engineers with the right tools when calculating the transformer primary and secondary current, protection and selecting downstream equipment interrupting capacity rating. "– Softpedia Review

"NEC Ampacity Calculator is an efficient piece of software ... dedicated to users that need to often look-up NEC tables and apply correction factors." – Softpedia Review